Bowden Brewing Up Dog, Lord Of The Isles, Stout & Space Snakes

Various Styles As Indicated
5.0% & 6.0% & 5.5% & 8.1%

The steady stream of new beers continues at Bowden, with this foursome covering a variety of styles. Starting with one most readers will be most familiar with, we have Up Dog an American pale complete with reference to The Office. Featuring American Idaho 7, Simcoe and Amarillo for the dry hop, it packs a great punch… line.

A DDH pale that pours perfectly clear is a sight to see, quite a spectacle even. Here, biscuit, light toast and a little honey forms the base for rockmelon, lychee and a touch of resin and pine. Some crystal sweetness adds depth to an approachable medium-bodied beer with a balanced bitterness and a dry snap to end the credits.

Lord of the Isles is a collab with Adelaide Bartenders and The Exchange designed to fit a particular brief: to be paired seamlessly with Laphroaig’s ten-year-old Scotch. Hence the homage of the name and the choice of style: wee heavy. Nine malts, flaked oats and dried figs feature alongside East Kent Goldings hops and a Scottish yeast, creating a drop best served with a shot of Laphroaig, boilermaker style. As with the whisky, you'll find building smoke flavours and aromas, dominating the distinct caramel, toffee and dried fig flavours. A big chewy, sticky mouthfeel ties it all together, allows the drinker to sail off into the night.

Stout is Bowden’s winter release: uncomplicated and pairing perfectly with a cold wet night and a raging fire. It's an oatmeal stout with a solid body and a silky, creamy mouthfeel: a little earthy, a little roasty, with a load of chocolate and mild roast coffee, and all up approachable and moreish.

Which just leaves the rerelease of a super popular beer that's back in 440ml cans. What is a Space Snake? Who bloody knows and, after reading the story Bowden provide, the answer isn’t much clearer. What we do know is that it takes the form of an 8.1 percent ABV double hazy IPA with hops aplenty that, just as a snake charmer works wonders with a cobra, dances to its own tune, poised and ready to strike.

It does so in the form of big, juicy peaches, passionfruit and papaya, while managing to stay lighter in body, rather than thick and pulpy, with a touch of sweetness early on before drying out as a shot of bitterness brings the show to a close.

Matt King

Published August 28, 2023

Bowden Brewing

Plant 3, Fourth Street
SA 5007

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Tues to Thurs: 4pm to 10pm
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