Bowden Brewing Purple Yeet Juice

Hard Lemonade

Normally when I'm forced to go and do a little research by a new beer, it's because there's some unusual fruit or other ingredient in the mix, or maybe the brewers have employed a technique with which I'm not familiar, or worked with someone I've never heard of before. In the case of Yeet, it's been a case of reading about how a made-up word came to become an ever-evolving meme. And now, I guess, the magic ingredient in this hard lemonade from Bowden.

While the brewers might be encouraging drinkers to "yeet it down, yeet the can, and then get on yeeting", I'd suggest it's the use of butterfly pea flowers that have the most striking impact: turning the drink such a distinct violet / purple it fair freaked out my kids when I poured it at the dinner table (for me, not them, of course). Aside from that, however, what you have is pretty much fragrant lemonade with added booze. And, I guess, yeet.

James Smith

Published June 1, 2022

Bowden Brewing

Plant 3, Fourth Street
SA 5007

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