Bowden Brewing BYO Cheese & Das Ist Crisp

Bowden Brewing

Published October 20, 2022

What’s the perfect beer to pair with a cheese board? It's a question many of us have asked but rarely, if ever, have we had a cheese festival to partner with on such a conundrum. Bowden Brewing aren’t like the rest of us, with the Adelaide operation teaming up with their local celebration of all things cheese, CheeseFest. For 2022’s celebration (which ran October 14-16) they created the Berliner weisse BYO Cheese, which was made with additional quince paste and crackers. Even with those unusual additions, it's quite a classic Berliner, with a clean, zippy abd somewhat fruited tartness that would cut through any rich soft cheese and while I'm no expert, a truffle brie might be the place to start. Meanwhile, you'll also find a savoury side ready to match with blue cheese or some figs.

As if celebrating one festival isn’t enough, Bowden also brewed Das Ist Crisp as a tribute to Oktoberfest. As the name suggests, that beer is a helles larger and while there’s an undeniable refreshing crispness at play, you’ll also find a slightly sweet breadiness, spice and a bitter finish.

Will Ziebell

3.8% & 5.0%
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