Phat Brew Club Facing The Elements & The Return Leg

Cold IPA & Wet Hop IPA
Both 6.0%

Phat’s draught-only Experimental range debutant made such an impression with their fans that it now finds itself in cans as Facing The Elements: a cold IPA that adds to an ever-expanding list of creativity from the West Perth brewers. Indeed, one wonders if Phat actually needs an “experimental” range given the whole shebang seems to be underwritten by the avant-garde.

Facing The Elements leads with lemon drop, before a juice box orange and mango vibe makes an appearance. Secondary notes of candied lime peel, fleeting dried pineapple, and a faint fennel note mark this beer as something more complex than most of the frigid IPA bandwagon. Pithy citrus lingers as dryness cleanses the palate; the economical lager-imbued finish only amplifies the beer’s tight bitterness.

Also in play is The Return Leg, a wet hop IPA created with their Spearwood mates Innate. South West Hops provided freshly-harvested Victoria and Chinook hops, which might normally signify mango and pine themes, but this is all melon. Indeed, it’s almost Midori-like for those old enough to remember Illusion shakers; hey, the 90s are back, right?

Maybe this combo’s potential could be realised as a Japanese Slipper Pastry Sour but for now there’s enough straight-ahead IPA action to keep hop lovers happy.

Guy Southern

Published April 26, 2024

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