Phat Brew Club

Phat Brew Club rose from humble, homebrewing beginnings. Built on creativity and a simple desire to make the best beer they possibly could, Travis Moore and his football mates grew their operation organically from a simple homebrewing kit via hosting homebrew events to becoming a full-blown pro brewing company – with a helping hand along the way.

That helping hand came from the team at Margaret River Brewhouse, after the Phat Brew Club founders won their Backyard Brewing Tournament in 2020. Part of the prize was to have their winning brew – Phat Porter – scaled up for commercial release, an opportunity they grabbed with all their hands, following it up soon afterwards with the release of a fruit salad sour called Phatizzle.

“Winning the competition led to us commercially brewing the beer,” Travis says, “which gave us the belief that our beers were good enough to mix it with the best.”

Those beers laid down the platform for what’s one of the most distinctively-named and presented brewing companies in all of Australia, let alone WA, not least thanks to the giant green hop monster who forms their logo and adorns their cans.

Once given that leg-up by Margaret River Brewhouse, they set about building an audience for their beers. With all six continuing to work full-time in their diverse pre-Phat Brew Club jobs – Travis as a recreation facilities manager, Steve Booth an engineer, Terri Moore as a phys ed teacher, Robert Lockhart a chemist, Tim Youngs an architect, and Alex Hamilton as an electrician – they did so by brewing beers on other brewers’ kits. Sticking to their roots, new recipes are developed within the team before Travis oversees their transition to full-blown release.

At time of writing, however, they’re well advanced on the next – and arguably most exciting – stage of their adventure: designing their own brewery in West Perth, a "mega" 1,000 square metre space that will feature a taphouse, alfresco area, restaurant and hole-in-the-wall coffee shop.

When their home is open, it will be within walking distance of Perth’s CBD and conveniently located directly across the road from City West train station. It will be among good company too, just a stone’s throw away from plenty of other breweries in the West Leederville, Subiaco and Northbridge precincts.

The intention is for the space – dubbed The Clubroom – to be as distinctive as their brand, while maintaining ties to where their collective story began.

“The new venue will very much be community-focused and comes back to our roots of being a part of a club,” Travis says, “with this being one where anyone can join.

“It will be a place where people come to have good times with friends and family – really bright and colourful, with splashes of our trademark bright lime green and orange combined with a lot of greenery.”

There’s talk of a rooftop bar down the line too, as well as the potential for further expansion onsite.

It goes without saying that a big focus will be beer and food. Given Phat’s sound track record with their contract brewed products – which have gone on to include a stout inspired by Terri’s Chocolate Orange, a Big DIPA collab with Bright Tank, and Froth Town 2022 release Phubba Bubba sour – guests will know what to expect on the beer front. As for food, it’ll be “fresh, fun and vibrant”, designed to be a perfect partner for Phat Brew Club’s innovative beers.

“We have a vision to create a ‘Culture of Good Times’ at the venue, not only about ensuring all those that come to our venue have a fun experience, but also about creating an environment where our awesome team of people enjoy coming to work and have a bloody good time doing it,” Travis says. “We want to be known as one of the best breweries in WA.”

It’s a bold ambition, but given the buzz they've caused with their releases and the fact their brewing roots go far deeper than that first batch of Phat Porter, we’re sure the lime green hop monster will give it a red hot go.

Jono Outred

Phat Brew Club

102 Railway Street
City West
WA 6005

0438 254 672
Open Hours

The Clubroom opens October 2022

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