Phat Brew Club Phat Porter

Phat Brew Club

Phat Brew Club's Phat Porter is American leaning in style, with bitter, dark malt notes featuring across the nose and palate.

On pouring, the beer creates a dense, caramel head that leads into sweet aromatics of chocolate, salted caramel and some gentle earthy and spicy hop characters. On tasting, it’s a similar theme where malt is a key driver of flavour: dusty cocoa and rich, slightly tart dark chocolate are present among a slight caramel sweetness and a hint of coffee. Some bitterness is present, both malt- and hop-derived, and soft but distinguishable pine and earthiness from hops balance an otherwise malt-heavy offering.

Phat Brew Club’s Porter is the beer that started it all, and from humble beginnings it has grown into a solid, highly revisitable offering.

Jono Outred

Phat Brew Club

102 Railway Street
City West
WA 6005

0438 254 672
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The Clubroom opens October 2022