Phat Brew Club Cerveza, Wife's Swheat Wonder, Our Beery Mates & Little Al's Big Citra

Mexican Lager & Weissbier & PB&J Brown Ale & West Coast IPA
4.5% & 5.6% & 6.4% & 7.0%

Phat’s Brew Club’s homebrewing origins are the beating heart of the West Perth brewers’ operation, not only in the ongoing support of the grassroots community – more on this later – but in the sheer span of beer styles that arrive at the fonts of their venue. And, if this small snapshot offers anything, it’s that there’s a beer for everyone at Phat HQ. And then some.

In ascending ABV order, we kick off with the draught-only Phat Cerveza, the Mexican “beer" beer vibe of 2023 captured as part of an ongoing global lager series which probably needs its own passport: the previous Japanese Rice Lager was a fave of senior writer Will Ziebell when he visited while it was pouring. The cerveza looks like Mexican sunshine itself, with the judicious use of Motueka and fresh lime adding fresh interest to an absurdly quaffable beer.

Wife’s Swheat Wonder continues the drinkability theme via the world of wheat in a collaboration with Zac Dixon, winner of Phat’s inaugural Home Brew competition. Originally made for his wife, Zac’s recipe was scaled up into very smart weissbier, the kind which has people saying: “I don’t normally like wheat beers, but this is delicious.” And it’s hazy too, which may well capture the attention of the DDH crowd; if not, isoamyl acetate lovers will revel in the lilting banana and lemon cream tones, subtle cinnamon and clove spice, and plush mouthfeel.

If you haven’t noticed a theme yet, Phat are a social bunch, and in order to corral some of their conviviality, the Phatabulous Collabs series has arrived. If Phat HQ is a circus of flavour, then this series is the carnival on tour, complete with Phitzy on the label as the ringmaster. It debuts with Our Beery Mates, a gang of likeminded friends and fans in Phat’s ecosystem that have revived the near forgotten brown ale in true circus – well, peanut butter & jelly – style. Warm choc malt supports plenty of peanut action but it’s the jelly that’s the hero here: rich, jammy and the sticky glue which holds the premise together.

And, after PB&J’s dessert offering, why not a digestif? An all Citra-hopped, 7 percent ABV West Coast IPA anyone? Phat’s Terri Moore will be the first in line describing it gleefully as “Phat’s best beer!” – keep in mind she already has a beer named after her, and next month there may well be another “best beer!” However, the enthusiasm is warranted here with the draught-only Little Al’s Big Citra bringing plenty of grapefruit, mango, OJ peel and fresh lime on a very lean, Cali IPA-esque base that was brewed for one of Phat’s founders.

Guy Southern

Published October 3, 2023

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