Phat Brew Club Terri's Chocolate Orange Stout

Choc Orange Stout

Pouring with a quickly dissipating tan head, Terri’s Chocolate Orange is abundant in chocolate flavour immediately after the first sniff. Sweet, orange aromatics are also clearly present on the nose, blending effortlessly with caramel, burnt sugar and a touch of coffee. Reminiscent of that little orange block in a bar of Cadbury Snack chocolate as much as the sweet treat from which it's taken its name, sweet lactose character is prominent among rich chocolate and zesty orange.

Malt plays a key part, lending not only bitter chocolate notes and malt sweetness, but also aiding the velvety body and lengthy, slightly creamy finish. At 5.6 percent ABV, it's as approachable as a bag of Jaffas and just as alluring with each sip.

Jono Outred

Published July 13, 2022

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