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Phat n Fluffy Is Phat Brew Club’s answer to the classically rich, chocolate sweet stout… with an added caffeine kick.

Brewed with not just coffee but also vanilla and marshmallows, the ingredients combine atop a rich, malt-driven stout base yielding robust coffee and chocolate aromatics and a complex flavour profile. An array of specialty malts throw up toffee and drying chocolate while the marshmallow adds a layer of sweetness. Coffee and vanilla certainly haven’t gone amiss either, with their presence not only featuring but lasting well into the lengthy finish, where they're carried by a smooth, velvety body.

Phat n Fluffy is a hearty, adjunct-laden stout that's sweet but also complex, offering a truly mochaesque experience.

Jono Outred

Sweet Coffee Stout
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The Clubroom opens October 2022