Stone & Wood Stone Beer

Stone & Wood (Lion/Kirin)

Published May 16, 2013

For a bunch of brewers on the cutting edge of the modern Australian brewing scene, the guys at Stone & Wood don't mind taking inspiration from Marsellus Wallace once in a while.

Well, once in a year, to be precise. As that's when they invite friends and family to their Byron Bay and "get Medieval on your arse". Well, not your arse so much as a bunch of volcanic rocks that co-founder and head brewer Brad Rogers has been lugging around since his days brewing in Fiji.

They're heated in a blazing fire on the brewery's driveway before being lowered into the beer in a recreation of a brewing style from the Middle Ages. The Stone Beer has been tweaked each year, with this year's a deeply dark, rewardingly rich and smooth chocolate led affair that's so luxuriant it could soothe even poor, wronged, Wallace's pain.

NB: This is what we wrote for Smith Journal's Thirsty Thursday too - no point reinventing the wheel twice in one week!

Stone Beer

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As well as the standard 500ml bottles, Stone & Wood are also selling 'vintage packs' which consist of a 500ml swing-top, ceramic bottle and a sta

Stone & Wood (Lion/Kirin)

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