Riverside Brewing Celebration Ale

Riverside Brewing Company

Published July 24, 2013

Has it really been a year since the Riverside Brewing Company opened its doors to the public? That is to say, has it been 'only' a year? In the past twelve months it's no exaggeration to say the Parramatta brewery has been going absolute gangbusters, with demand constantly outstripping supply and showing absolutely no signs of easing up. That's meant everything at the brewery has been expanding: more brewers, more brewing capacity and bigger bottling line. And now, to celebrate their first anniversary, they're releasing a bigger beer. It's called, quite appropriately, the Celebration Ale 2013 and it's a Double IPA. Considering their regular (but nothing regular about it) IPA sits at 7.7 per cent and probably wouldn't feel out of place in the company of many other Double IPAs, you have to wonder how much bigger they can go. The answer comes straight at you in the form of this 8.7 per cent abv brew that uses four different US hop varieties to give an absolutely massive flavour and aroma. What can we say, they love their hops and know how to use them. Here's to the next year! NO

Double IPA
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