Clifton Hill Brewing Pale Ale

Clifton Hill Brewing

If Clifton Hill Brewing's Queens Parade is a toned down pale, their American Pale Ale is what more seasoned beer drinkers would probably choose for their hoppy session beers. A much deeper hue than the Queens Parade, bordering on amber, slightly higher in alcohol and considerably hoppier, it's all about citrus and tropical hop flavours and aromas, with enough added to the boil to lend it a biting, resinous bitterness that sits alongside caramel and biscuit malts before creating a finish that's lean and dry too.

American Pale Ale
Clifton Hill Brewing

89 Queens Parade
Clifton Hill
VIC 3068

(03) 9489 8705
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Sun to Thurs: midday to midnight
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