Clifton Hill Brewing Lager

Clifton Hill Brewing

Since they started filling the pub's 16 taps with their own beers, the brewers at the Clifton Hill Brewing have been rotating through all manner of beers: malty reds, big IPAs, barrel-aged beers, fruit sours and so on. But pubs still need a lager for those who don't want to take their palate on an adventure, and this is theirs.

Having said that, if you wanted to take your palate on a journey to Munich, you could do far worse than use this helles-style lager, which immediately conjures the region's beer halls. It's highly drinkable and full-flavoured at once, with the everyday drinker providing a floral and spiced noble hop notes, sweeter tones of biscuit from the malt, and a lean, softly bitter finish.

Munich Helles
Clifton Hill Brewing

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