Willie The Boatman Marrickville Lager

Willie The Boatman

There are some beers that deserve to be drunk more than written about and this is one of them. Willie The Boatman’s Marrickville Lager a no-fuss Aussie lager, a crowd-pleaser, a beer to enjoy when all you want to do is enjoy a beer without necessarily thinking about it.

OK, maybe you could focus a bit on the light dose of fruit character and subtle hop spice if you really want to but, really, you don’t need to. An easy-drinking beer like this need not be the centre of attention, just a silent partner to go with the good times around you.

Nick Oscilowski

Australian Lager
Willie The Boatman

Suite 601, 75 Mary Street
St Peters
NSW 2044

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Thurs: 4pm to 7pm
Friday: 3pm to 9pm
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