Mr Banks Melon Berry Gose

Banks Brewing

Published April 8, 2019

Unless we're missing something subtle, this is a rather atypical limited release from Mr Banks. Sure, it's not their first gose and they've played with fruit before, but where's the pun or pop culture reference in the title?!? At least you know what you're getting from the off here: melon (watermelon, to be specific) and berries (of the rasp variety) in a gently soured, lightly salted beer.

And that is just what you get, with a soft, rounded nature to the fruit aromas, as if you're tucking into a fruit yoghurt, and, seemingly, a little stone fruit joining in to taste. The beer makes a refreshing dash across the palate – it is sub-4 percent ABV, after all – and leaves a little lingering berry sweetness behind, with a splash of salt for company.

James Smith

Fruit Gose
Banks Brewing

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