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Banks Brewing

12 Hi-Tech Place
VIC 3198

Open Hours

Thursday & Friday: 2pm to 9pm
Saturday: midday to 9pm
Sunday midday to 7pm

Drink Banks.

It’s a simple enough suggestion, but what does it mean?

It might mean drinking an incredibly dialled in lager. Or it might refer to a hazy IPA that’s a wonderful showcase of hops. Often, it means drinking a big and rich pastry beer. But drinking Banks always means enjoying the works of a small, family-run brewery.

That brewery kicked off in Seaford, in Melbourne’s outer south-east, in 2016 and is the work of Chris and Penny Farmer. The brewery’s always been very much a family affair too, with the brewery named after their dog and that pet in turn named after Adam Banks, the Mighty Ducks’ star player. Initially you might have known them as Mr Banks but after a run in with Matthew McConaughey in 2021 (yes, the actor), they became just Banks.

The brewery launched following Chris’ decade spent obsessively homebrewing while Penny’s background in accounting made her well positioned to handle the financial side of the brewery. After spending a few years mulling it over, the couple decided to launch their own brewery and the Banks mission has always been about striving for brewing perfection, while having a good time about it too.

Over the years, those beers became increasingly creative and boundary-pushing, with the brewers' talent for creating high ABV hazies and oat cream IPAs, in particular, making them one of the most sought after brands for the country's beer chasers. But among the experimentation, new hops, hop products and heavy pastry stouts, Banks has also built a quieter reputation for the quality of their lagers, with Foam being a house favourite among team Crafty Pint.

Banks might be a small brewery, but that crafty love has seen their beers enjoyed across the country, with their tall tins a common site in independent retailers with their finger on the pulse of what’s exciting beer drinkers.

But undoubtedly the best place to enjoy those beers is at their Seaford home which is a modern, light and open industrial space which has been embraced by the people of Melbourne's south-east as wholeheartedly as beer fans from further afield have fallen for the Banks beers. Head in and you can enjoy the full lineup of Banks beers that fire out from their 25-hectolitre brewhouse alongside delightful hand-stretched pizzas.

You’ll often find a fair number of local families at the venue, and that’s very much by design too with a substantial outdoor space and playground making it the kind of taproom that kids love as much as their haze head parents.

Given its location at the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula, it’s also a handy stop for visitors making their way to and from the local beaches, wineries and breweries. And, given it’s also only a short walk from the nearest train station, it’s not uncommon to witness beer fans from further afield wandering lost through this outer-suburban industrial lot wondering which converted panel beaters will be the one they are seeking.

Drink the mighty Banks. It’s a simple enough suggestion and it’s a mighty fine idea too.

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Stories featuring Banks Brewing

Core Range

Banks Brewing Night Moves
Oat Stout
Banks Brewing West Coast IPA
West Coast IPA
Banks Brewing Alriiight
DDH Hazy Pale
Banks Brewing Foam Pilsner
German Pilsner
Banks Brewing Day Trip Pale Ale
Tropical Pale Ale
Banks Brewing Juice Fit DDH IPA
Banks Brewing Good Times
Hazy Pale Ale

Limited Releases

Banks Mind The Gap, Roller Skate Dancing & Where Dreams Go To Die
6.4%, 6.7% & 8.1%
Banks Brewing Atlantic, Pacific & Worth The Wait
East Coast IPA, Cali IPA & Helles
6.8%, 6.3% & 5.4%
Banks Brewing Sleeper Class (With One Drop) & Sun Slicer
Oat Cream IPA & Passionfruit Gose
6.8% & 4.3%
Banks Brewing Cantina & Hard Lemonade
Mexican Lager & Hard Lemonade
4.0% & 4.5%
Banks Brewing Seagull Enthusiasts, Cake Eater & Pac Pils
West Coast IPA, DDH Oat Cream DIPA & West Coast Pilsner
6.8% & 8.0% & 4.8%
Banks Brewing Cosmic Ballet, Utility Fry (with Range) & Paloma Sour
Hazy IPA, Cali IPA & Sour
6.8%, 6.2% & 3.6%
Banks Brewing x Shapeshifter Citra Shapes & Nelson Shapes
Hazy IPAs
7.4% & 6.6%
Banks Brewing Oktoberfest Beers (2023)
4.6%, 5.4% & 5.1%?
Banks Brewing Here For The Zipline & Spring Fling
American IPA & Hazy IPA
6.2% & 6.9%
Banks Brewing Screaming Sky Cowboy Emotional Range of a Teaspoon
Double West Coast and Oat Cream IPA
8.6% & 7.0%
Banks Brewing Don't Tell California & Calling Cows
Cali IPA & Barrel Aged Milk Stout
7.4% & 8.0%
Banks Brewing It’s Gonna Be A Good Day & Ready & Super Siked
Double IPA & Red Double IPA
8.0% & 8.1%
Banks Brewing Growin' Up & What's The Word?
Hazy IPA & Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
6.6% & 10.6%
Banks Brewing Fairly Traditional
Vienna Lager
Banks Brewing Bold Strategy
Oat Cream IPA
Banks Brewing Secretly Ripped & Don’t Chase Me, I’m Buzzed And Full of Chocolate
Hazy IPA & Imperial Pastry Stout
7.2% & 12.7%
Banks Brewing Way Too Much Serenity & Probable Paws (with Otter's Promise)
Wet Hop IPA & Cali IPA
6.2% & 6.0%
Banks Brewing Follow The Festoons, Blackberry Parfait & Good Times
West Coast IPA, Blackberry Cream Sour & Hazy Pale
7.4%, 6.5% & 4.7%
Banks Brewing Citra Feels
Double IPA
Little Bang Brewing & Banks Colorado Weed Money
Oat Cream Pale
Bright & Molly Rose & Mr Banks Jam Band Vol.1
Hazy IPA with Bergamot
Mr Banks Super Secret Beer Drinking Beer Competition
Mr Banks Dawn Patrol
DDH West Coast DIPA
Mr Banks Idaho Feels & Innocence For Days
Oat Cream DIPA & DDH Pale
8.5% & 5.9%
Mr Banks Cake Eater 3 & Peach Hat
Hazy DIPA & Peach Cream Sour
8.0% & 3.5%
Mr Banks McConaughaze & Rancho Relaxo
Hazy Pale Ale & Mexican Lager
5.1% & 4.5%
Mr Banks In Bloom & Playground Insults
6.7% / 8.5%
Mr Banks Distraction In A Barrel Triple IPA
Triple Hazy IPA
Mr Banks Wheeze The Juice Hazy IPA
Hazy IPA
Mr Banks Melon Berry Gose
Fruit Gose
Mr Banks Hawaii 5-Gose
Fruit Gose
Mr Banks Lager – RETIRED
Mr Banks Extra Pale Ale – RETIRED
Mr Banks Oatmeal Stout – RETIRED
Oatmeal Stout
Mr Banks Champagne For My Real Friends Brut IPA
Brut IPA
Mr Banks Venice Pils
West Coast Pilsner
Mr Banks Red Ale
American Red Ale
Mr Banks Tart City Blackberry Saison
Blackberry Saison
Mr Banks Wheeze The Juice NEIPA
Mr Banks Oatmeal Stout
Oatmeal Stout
Mr Banks Brown Ale (RETIRED)
Brown Ale