Mismatch Brewing Co Lager

Mismatch Brewing Co

For all the experimental and out there beers hitting taps and fridges across Australia in recent years, it's often been those of a more traditional bent that have picked up the country's major trophies. Sitting happily in that lineup is Mismatch's Lager, winner of the prestigious Champion Independent Australian Beer at the 2018 Indies.

It's not a beer that tries to reinvent the style or offers any twists, just a classic lager inspired by the helles of Munich that's darn well made. Malt led, with a soft sweetness and gentle herbaceous, floral aromas from the use of German hops, it's delicate, clean and disappears faster than it has any right to.

Helles style Lager
20 IBU
Mismatch Brewing Co

Lot 100 Chambers Road
Hay Valley
SA 5252

0412 398 046
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Thurs to Sun: 11am to 6pm


Sat and Sun: 11am and 2pm (or on request)