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Coburg Brewing Co

Coburg Lager is the beer that kickstarted the Coburg Brewing Co’s story and it’s a classic in more ways than one. First off, there’s the look of the label design, which manages to bring to mind both a suburban footy team’s jersey and the labels you would have found hugging local lagers decades ago. Then there’s the beer itself, which is modelled closely on classic European lagers, employing the noble hop Saaz, class US variety Cascade, and yeast courtesy of the world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan.

Finally, there’s the taste, which is very much about employing a classic bit of restraint to create a beer designed for drinking (preferably by the pint) over thinking. There’s a little touch of sweetness from the beer’s malt body but, otherwise, it’s clean, crisp, lightly fruity thanks to those hops and decently bitter.

Will Ziebell

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