7th Day Brewery Raspberry Sour Cider

7th Day Brewery

From the peachy blush as it’s poured into the glass to the fluffy sherbet feel on the tongue, this is a whimsical delight for the senses. It’s like drinking fairy floss and butterflies.

As with 7th Day’s Dry Cider, this drop has candy sweetness and floral levity floating into the air, but they’re joined here by a waft of crushed strawberries and raspberries. A sip is a journey from sweet and juicy to tart and tangy, with a clear movement between the two, and neither overwhelming the palate. Fine bubbles make for a dry finish and leave an apple aftertaste on the tongue, but also leave the memory that this is no ordinary cider.

Mick Wust

Raspberry Sour Cider
7th Day Brewery

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