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Published October 20, 2022

Does liking a hazy pale ale make you a kook? No, but reading a write up about one on the internet might. Sorry. Spare a thought for the kook writing it though, he’s really got some issues. Kook status withstanding, the seventh limited release in 7th Day Brewery’s Making Waves series is Kook Juice Hazy Pale Ale.

Pouring like a fizzy pineapple juice, Kook Juice is suitably hazy and suitably juicy in appearance. The balance of aromas is insane: mango, pineapple, orange and a flicker of pine all pose for a fragrant photo.

Familiar hazy tastes are rounded with this almost ketchupy tang that ends with an abrupt finish, leaving your mouth salivating and begging for another sip. There’s a unique sweet and sour blend to this hazy pale ale which adds intrigue but without being so potent that it’s no longer a hot day option (it definitely is). It tastes like a beer that would go mouth-meltingly well with a sausage sanga featuring onions and sauce. So good in fact you’d be forgiven for dunking your snag in your hazy pale ale – now that’s kooky!

Benedict Kennedy-Cox

Hazy Pale Ale
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