7th Day Brewery

On the first day, Mike Beresford Jones took up homebrewing because there was a dearth of locally made craft lagers. He began developing a recipe for a quality pilsner, and a handful of local dads who met through their children’s sport would join him each week to drink it in his garage at Curl Curl, looking out over the ocean. Together, they decided to see if there were others out there who’d enjoy a new locally made pilsner as well; so it was that, in 2015, 7th Day Brewing was born.

On the second day (that is, a few years after those first days in the garage brewery), this group of Northern Beaches dads opened a brewery and taproom in Brookvale. The stainless steel brewing tanks are visible from the entrance – and everywhere else in the place. There’s an array of beer taps topped with locally made wooden surfboards as tap handles. Reclaimed items and materials fill the venue: an orange chandelier made of resin, salvaged from the set of a commercial shoot; giant wooden spools ringed with bar stools; even the bar top is made of upcycled timber steps. An area at the front includes lounges and a play area for kids, so that parents can meet at the venue; “I was a stay at home dad and I had nothing like that,” Mike says. This is clearly a place imagined by a group of dads who love beer, love surfing, and love their kids.

But, on the third day, they showed that 7th Day was a brewery with the whole community in mind. Ever since their very first commercial batch of Pilsner was made possible by a crowdfunding campaign, the team has had the attitude that, “we’re part of the community, and the community’s part of us.” It’s not just that they’re welcoming to everyone, which is made clear by their family-friendly live music sessions, their weekly Student Nights, and their pet-friendly attitude. They also sponsor local sport teams, support local artists, and collaborate with local businesses. And their mantra of “Drink Good Do Good” goes beyond the local area: it captures everything from their ongoing partnership with charitable organisation Waves For Water, right down to the green wall they have in the brewery to offset carbon emissions from the brewhouse. Even as they look to continue to increase in capacity, the team is constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce their footprint on the planet.

On the fourth day, they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt their brewing expertise isn’t limited to their foundational Pilsner; as much as Mike loves lagers, he brews beers in a broad range of styles and flavours. Most are designed with the area’s tradie and surfie culture in mind, with a view to being approachable, sessionable, and good for socialising; the XPA, the Pale Ale and the midstrength Plan-B are always crowdpleasers. But there are a few beers that aim for bigger flavours, including the juicy Mango NEIPA, which has won a clutch of fans among the patrons. (It’s worth noting that all of the beers mentioned above pulled medals at the 2020 Indies Awards, too.) Though they’ve come a long way since their inception, 7th Day are still bringing people together over beer, whether that looks like a session with mates at the taproom, sinking tinnies at the beach, or even pulling pints at home from one of KegSwappa’s 20 litre kegs.

On the fifth day, they made sure people had pizza to go with their beer. The Brookvale taproom is right next door to Sale Pepe, so authentic woodfired pizza is always close at hand. Order Sale Pepe’s pizzas from 7th Day; order 7th Day beers from Sale Pepe. What more could a person want from life?

On the sixth day, the team made sure they were accommodating for non-beer-drinkers as well. As well as their Dry Cider and their Raspberry Sour Cider (which is like fairy floss in a can), they started making RIPL, a range of hard seltzers. RIPL’s flavours are inspired by some of the countries where Waves For Water does its humanitarian work, and 10c from each can sold goes to the charitable organisation. This kind of giving back has been important to the 7th Day crew from the beginning.

On the seventh day, they rested from their labours, sat down, and cracked a beer.

“I work here all week,” Mike says, "then I end up in here all weekend!”

And then, of course, a new week begins…

Mick Wust

7th Day Brewery

Unit 14/9 Powells Road
NSW 2100

0431 561 803
Open Hours

Wed & Thurs: 4pm to 10pm
Fri & Sat: midday to 10pm
Sunday: midday to 8pm


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7th Day Brewery Regulars

7th Day Brewery XPA

As XPAs continue to explode in popularity around Australia, it’s becoming more and more clear what people are looking for in an XPA: hoppy flavour paired with sessionability. You’ll find both traits here. 7th Day’s XPA sits light and clean in the mouth with a touch of grain amongst a flurry of tropical fruity hops, almost like an IPL (which I still say is an underrated style). Its easy-drinking nature is tempered as the bitterness reveals itself, washing in like waves on the beach as the tide… Read more

7th Day Brewery Plan-B Mid-Strength

Feel like a few beers, but you’re driving? You need a Plan B. This midstrength will give you gentle but clear citrus bite - a nip, really - with some slight malt character to follow. There’s a hum of bitterness in there, like the resonating hum after a bell has been rung but without the original strike. A solid light option for an afternoon at the taproom, a family BBQ or a camping trip; have a session on these bad boys and it’s unlikely they’ll catch up to you. Mick Wust… Read more

7th Day Brewery Pale Ale

Over the past couple of years, ‘hoppy’ has almost become synonymous with ‘tropical fruit’. So for the person who enjoys variety, tasting some non-tropical hop characters in a beer is sometimes all it takes to put a goofy smile on their face. (I’m talking about me. I get a goofy smile on my face.) 7th Day’s core pale ale is a deep gold glass of grapefruit and resin with a little earthiness, a little dankness, a little spice. It isn’t mucking around with this tropical business. Between… Read more
Pale Ale

7th Day Brewery Pilsner

This is the beer that started it all. Mike Beresford-Jones’ hunt for a good craft lager was the catalyst for him developing the recipe for this Pilsner in his garage overlooking the ocean. This Pilsner brought together the founders of 7th Day and inspired people to crowdfund their first commercial batch of beer. Mike’s taken a European classic and added new world hops to give a little extra zing. It’s light and fruity and oh such a beauty, opening on aromatic hops but finishing clean with a… Read more

7th Day Brewery IPA

Don’t be fooled by the label that simply says "IPA". The brewery has decided to stick with this simple name, but note the red label and the red hue of the beer and you’ll see that this is another Northern Beaches brewery kind enough to put a red IPA into their core line-up. As the beach is the point where the land and the ocean meet, this IPA is where malt and hops meet. The malt comes through deep and rich, like gooey golden syrup spread over brown toast. It’s thick in the aroma,… Read more

7th Day Brewery Raspberry Sour Cider

From the peachy blush as it’s poured into the glass to the fluffy sherbet feel on the tongue, this is a whimsical delight for the senses. It’s like drinking fairy floss and butterflies. As with 7th Day’s Dry Cider, this drop has candy sweetness and floral levity floating into the air, but they’re joined here by a waft of crushed strawberries and raspberries. A sip is a journey from sweet and juicy to tart and tangy, with a clear movement between the two, and neither overwhelming the palate.… Read more
Raspberry Sour Cider

7th Day Brewery RIPL Seltzers

When they saw the rise of hard seltzers in 2020, the 7th Day crew decided to join the action and come up with their own offering under a beachy lifestyle label called RIPL. And as they’ve always seen themselves as owing something to our planet and the people on it, they continued that with RIPL: 10c from every can is donated to Waves For Water, an international charity that helps provide clean drinking water to countries in the developing world. The flavours are inspired by parts of the world where… Read more
Hard Seltzers

7th Day Brewery Hazy IPA

As someone who loves lagers first and foremost, brewer Mike Beresford-Jones is a little resistant to the haze craze. But you’d never guess it based on his mango-infused Hazy IPA. Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe lay the foundation for 12kg of mango, and the characters of the fruit and hops tie together seamlessly. Since the mango is added early in the process, the sweetness largely ferments out, so it harmonises and brings out the juicy notes of the hops rather than overpowering them. The result is a hazy… Read more
Hazy IPA with Mango

7th Day Brewery Specials

7th Day Brewery Pommy Porter

Head brewer Mike Beresford-Jones is a Pom, so it’s only fitting that a traditional British porter would periodically make its way into tank and tap and tinnie. The Pommy Porter brings coffee and roastiness to the party, with a thin bitterness and light smokiness settling on the tongue towards the end of the drink. Since Australia has been his home for a number of years now, Mike has also made a variation on this, the Aussie Porter, which included twelve 1kg tins of Milo in a 1,000 litre batch of… Read more
London Porter

7th Day Brewery Dry Cider

It may be obvious from the name, but you won’t find a sweet soft drink here. 7th Day’s Dry Cider looks like cloudy pineapple juice, but smells of dried apple and dried pear, with the floral, almost candy smell of apple blossoms. (I’ve never smelled apple blossoms before, but I have seen illustrations of them and that’s the impression I’m getting. And since you’ve never smelled apple blossoms before either, I think that’s enough.) There’s no head to speak of on the pour, but don’t… Read more
Dry Cider
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