7th Day Brewery Smokey Dark Days

7th Day Brewery

Released September 3, 2021

As winter comes to a close and NSW’s lockdown comes to a solid middle, 7th Day have released a dark lager in honour of the frontline workers who have kept pushing forward through the dark days.

Smokey Dark Days brings a balance of flavours worthy of your attention while still capturing that easy-drinking quality head brewer Mike loves about lagers. Smoke malts bring a savoury character that intertwines with subtle cola in the mouth, flowing over the tongue smoothly as it comes to a gentle chocolate finish. There’s an unexpected cleanness to it all, with just a hint of smoke lingering after the liquid’s gone as an invitation to dive back in.

(In another display of subtlety, there’s a little easter egg to be found on the can’s label, but I’ll leave you to discover that for yourself.)

Mick Wust

Smoky Dark Lager
7th Day Brewery

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