7th Day Brewery Dry Cider

7th Day Brewery

It may be obvious from the name, but you won’t find a sweet soft drink here.

7th Day’s Dry Cider looks like cloudy pineapple juice, but smells of dried apple and dried pear, with the floral, almost candy smell of apple blossoms. (I’ve never smelled apple blossoms before, but I have seen illustrations of them and that’s the impression I’m getting. And since you’ve never smelled apple blossoms before either, I think that’s enough.)

There’s no head to speak of on the pour, but don’t worry - the carbonation appears in the mouth, full and flavourful.

Unlike many ciders, there’s no sugariness present, but a dry, tart flavour - the concentrated bitey-ness of chewy dried apple. If you’ve chewed on dried apple rings lately (or ever), you get the idea.

Mick Wust

Dry Cider
7th Day Brewery

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