Helios Brewing Cerberus Dry Red IPA

Helios Brewing

Published November 4, 2021

Don’t be scared by the beast on the label. Cerberus Dry Red IPA is about as smooth as they come.

It’s Helios brand ambassador Adsy’s first recipe to be brewed on a commercial scale, under the supervision of head brewer Charlie, and the design was done by Adsy’s son – so there’s your three-headed monster right there.

While nobody’s calling this IPA the B-word, it’s been given the treatment to get the yeast chewing up extra sugars for a nice, dry finish. This was an interesting experience for a red IPA, since the malt sweetness generally plays such a big role in the flavour profile. Cerberus isn’t devoid of sweetness, but the caramel and toffee that comes through doesn’t have the same stickiness you might otherwise expect. It rolls with the hops – some tropical, some citrus, some resin – but then the flavour doesn’t linger. Once you’ve swallowed, you’ll find the malt and hop flavour alike peels right off the tongue, and the bitterness wraps up along with it.

Cerberus has been tamed and put on a leash, and you no longer need to worry about being ripped open and tossed back into Hades. Just expect a lot of pleasant nudges and excited licking from this Very Good Boy.

Mick Wust

25 IBU
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