2 Halfs Alexandria Ale

2 Halfs Brewing Distilling

This one goes out to the Alexandrians who supported 2 Halfs when times were tough.

After a drawn-out and expensive process with council, 2 Halfs finally opened their doors in May 2021… only for a COVID lockdown to clamp down in June. This could have have been a death knell for the new business if it weren’t for all the locals who made it their mission to show up at the side door to buy takeaway beers every week. They’re the reason 2 Halfs stayed afloat in that troubling time, and so Alexandria Ale is a tribute to their support and loyalty.

This American pale ale is lightly hazy, with a pilsner malt base that gives an easy body for the hops to play around on. They do their fruity dance with a slow fade from sweet juice to a bitter, cleansing finish. Throw in the fluffy carbonation and this is an aggressively refreshing beer.

The hops will sometimes change. The spirit of Alexandria never will.

Mick Wust

American Pale
2 Halfs Brewing Distilling

2 Stokes Avenue
NSW 2015

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Mon to Wed: takeaway only 11am to 5pm
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