2 Halfs Stone, Brass Monkey, Mango Eclipse & Secret Garden

Various Styles As Indicated
5.8% & 6.0% & 3.9% & 7.8%

Given there's a German brewer with decades of experience at the helm, it makes sense that 2 Halfs Brewing Distilling built their reputation on fine interpretations of European classics. They're still at it, with spring 2023 seeing them drop a bunch of such beers: a new version of their Bohemian lager Oldrich, drinking bigger than its 4.4 percent ABV; Andrich, a gorgeous-looking amber lager blending toffee with raisin-y, ripe stewed fruitiness and a touch of earthy bitterness; their 2023 Marzen, which is like a pretzel in a glass; and Baguette Blanche, a creamy, citrusy snowball of a witbier.

But Kirk likes to turn his hand to newer styles too, and a quartet of more contemporary styles have landed in quick succession since those old world offerings launched. Stone is a hazy pale featuring US and NZ hops that delivers punchy mango, a little banana, and a creaminess reminiscent of Sabro hops on the palate. The creaminess – presumably aided by the almost IPA-esque ABV – is contrasted by a cutting bitter, citrusy finish.

With labels that recall icicles, Brass Monkey hints at the India pale lager's close links to cold IPAs. A couple of classic American "C" hops contribute young pineapple, pine, and a deep, gripping bitterness alongside light caramel sweetness in a golden beer in which rice is employed to keep things lean.

Switching hops out and purée in to bring the fruitiness is Mango Eclipse, a Berliner weisse in which even Blind Freddy would call out the mango, given it’s that sweet and fleshy. A thick, off-white head and purée-enhanced full body give it a larger presence than the ABV suggests, while the finish is both sweet and a little dusty.

Finishing with the heftiest of the four and we have Secret Garden, a double IPA that could pass as a smoothie sour appearance wise, so dense is the murky liquid. In character, it's less secret garden than fruit salad through a blender: look out for mango, passionfruit and more swirling through its thick, dessert like viscosity.

James Smith

Published November 16, 2023

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