2 Halfs Baguette Blanche

Belgian Witbier

One of the taps at the 2 Halfs taproom is dedicated to rotating through wheat beers. Baguette Blanche is a traditional Belgian style witbier, complete with orange peel and coriander seeds. Malted barley, raw wheat and some rolled oats work together to give a mouthfeel that’s more pillowy than all the hazy IPAs in the world. Add in the soft bubbles and this is so floaty it’s like drinking a hot air balloon.

When it comes to flavour, don’t expect the orange and coriander to do the heavy lifting. The yeast esters, the wheat and the subtle malt sweetness combine to make something like a slice of banana cream pie.

If you get this on tap at 2 Halfs, they’ll ask if you’d like a slice of lemon dropped in as you might get when you order a Hoegaarden in Europe. While Baguette Blanche certainly doesn’t need this – the flavour is wonderful as is – the lemon adds a bit of fun, and a pleasant bitterness from the peel slides in when you’re halfway down the glass.

Mick Wust

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