Brouhaha India Pale Ale

Brouhaha Baringa

There’s a new breed of West Coast IPA that capture much of the WCIPAs of former days – gorgeous clarity, solid malt core, zingy grapefruit peel, resinous pine – while toning down the palate-battering bitterness that some drinkers didn’t like simply because it was "too much" or "caused permanent damage to their tastebuds".

The IPA in Brouhaha’s regular lineup is part of this breed. Bright and shining in the glass, this drop shows off pine, grapefruit and stonefruit on the nose, then adds in a biscuity malt in the glass that boosts both the flavour and mouthfeel. Piney bitterness is present but restrained, pitter-pattering across the back of your tongue. It leaves your mouth dry and your lizard brain looking for more.

Mick Wüst

West Coast IPA
Brouhaha Baringa

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