Whitelakes Brewing Pale Ale (cans)

Whitelakes Brewing

Published October 23, 2022

In some ways, the ever-expanding new beer release pace that shows little sign of slowing in late 2022 could risk eroding the very enthusiasm it's designed to serve. How many new and slightly different variations on a theme can anyone in that consumer niche really desire or, indeed, have time to sample? If punter-excitement fatigue builds, at the same time as many budgets tighten while the wider economy rights itself, what's likely to take its place? For one, the evergreen tenets of quality and dependability come more into focus – which is where a new Whitelakes hero arrives with calm and confidence.

The notion of a new core range pale ale seems almost wild in a market filled with flurries of folly and wanton experimentation. Yet, as the clear gold ribbon pours from the can, all of the classy APA hallmarks arrive: citrus marmalade with a piney undercurrent and stone fruit hints, smooth malt body, taut balance, and a moderately firm bitterness that builds to a lasting tingle, teasing at another sip.

It’s exactly the beer which will be devoured by Baldivis locals, and many more looking for something they may have forgotten while on the search for the new.

Guy Southern

American Pale Ale
38 IBU
Whitelakes Brewing

1441 Mandurah Road
WA 6171

(08) 95242012
Open Hours

Friday: 4pm to 10pm
Sat & Sun: 11am to 10pm
At other times, you can visit the Vernon Arms across the road