Valhalla Brewing Obsidian Black IPA

Valhalla Brewing

Valhalla's debut beer may be of a nature that means it only appears as a seasonal now, yet Obsidian will always play a central role in the brewing company's story; not only was it Scott Hunt's first commercial release but it secured Valhalla's first major trophy at the 2021 Australian International Beer Awards too.

It's a hoppy black ale – or a black IPA if you prefer – that's as no-holds-barred as you'd want such a beer from a Viking-inspired brewery to be. The specialty malts responsible for its colour bring coffee and dark chocolate aplenty, while the hops do their best to sprinkle berries and citrus, and no little bitterness alongside the roast, amid the blackness. Key, however, is the balance it brings, like a Berserker who's knocked back just the right amount of booze and psychoactive substances before whirling onto the battlefield.

James Smith

Black IPA
65 IBU
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