Valhalla Brewing Freyja Moon Tropical IPA

Valhalla Brewing

The story here goes that the beer was created as a celebration of life's passions, hence the inclusion of passionfruit in the mix. As for the experience of tucking into the Tropical IPA, it's like a souped-up version of Valhalla's Golden Ale, at least when it comes to the softness with which the bitterness arrives amid a pillowy, drinkability-enhancing mouthfeel.

Pouring a deep golden that leans towards copper, with the hint of caramel sweetness you might expect with such an appearance, the passionfruit makes itself known, but not alone: there's pineapple and orange citrus in support, courtesy of the Simcoe and Riwaka hops. And, if I'm not mistake, some melon to taste too. As the name says, it's tropical.

James Smith

Tropical IPA
47 IBU
Valhalla Brewing

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