Valhalla Brewing Loki Red Ale

Mid-Strength Red Ale

It's easy to understand why Valhalla would chose the name Loki for their red ale – and it's not a case of cashing in on the ubiquitous nature of the Marvel Universe, either. It's because he was the trickster among the Norse gods, and here's a red ale in which the Geelong-based brewers intend to pull the wool over your eyes a little.

It's their first mid-strength – presumably with one eye on looking after designated drivers visiting their brewpub – and one in which they hope you won't notice the drop-off in ABV. Attempting to do so with a relatively malt-forward style has history in Australia: Little Creatures' classic Rogers' (admittedly a bit stronger and tagged an amber ale) has been doing such a thing for an age; more recently, Valhalla's fellow Victorians Love Shack have won over plenty with their red middy.

In looking to join such company with Loki, Scott Hunt has employed Vienna, Munich and Voodoo malts with Enigma and Willamette hops and, just as some of his core range beers have softened over time, here Loki is presented in a pretty cuddly fashion: the overriding character is of biscuity malts, topped by some gentle berry aromas. It slots into a space between malty English ale and easygoing American amber with a finish that's dry more than bitter and laced with a little liquorice.

James Smith

Published June 30, 2023

Valhalla Brewing

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