Valhalla Brewing American Pale Ale

Valhalla Brewing

Another of the beers that contributed to Valhalla's Champion Gypsy Brewer trophy at the Australian International Beer Awards, courtesy of scooping a gold medal, the American Pale Ale is the sort of beer that has you asking why more brewers don't still make such beers in the image of those that paved the way for the rise of the US craft beer industry.

Old school Chinook hops provide the grounding – a pine forest floor after a spot of rain if you want to get wanky about it – with Idaho 7 and Amarillo bringing some rind like darker citrus to bear. The former seems to pull the small percentage of specialty malts into deeper, darker territory than its copper colour would suggest: caramel veering into brittle. It possesses a pillowy soft mouthfeel too and a bitterness that adds balance and no more.

A welcome trip down Memory Lane.

James Smith

American Pale Ale
33 IBU
Valhalla Brewing

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