Noodledoof BC Oat Cream IPA


Published March 19, 2023

Since the start of 2023, Koroit-based Noodledoof have been on a run of lower ABV, tidily put-together beers. And maybe keeping a lid on things booze-wise has proven too much for Sam and Alex to do for too long and they've just had to let it all out in one hearty exhale. The average ABV of their limited releases this year to date might have been a mere 4 percent; here, they more than double it with BC Oat Cream IPA.

The BC refers to the hops – Bru-1 and Citra – while, for me, there's as much of a hint at what's to come in the design of the cans: they bring to mind Neapolitan ice cream (admittedly with a couple of extra flavours in the mix) and once you crack a can, the liquid that makes its way into your glass isn't too far removed from melted ice cream in its dense cloudiness. The cloudy pour brings with it a cloud of boozy, sweetly tropical aromas too, while the β€œI’m sticking around, mate” nature of the flavours, underpinned by bitter citrus rind, ensure it's not just the alcohol content that's been ratcheted up here.

Consider Noodledoof's 2023 booze ledger well and truly balanced.

James Smith

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