Noodledoof Desert Lime Gimlet IPA


Published May 23, 2023

Noodledoof have been on something of an IPA tip recently, something that continued with their 2023 GABS entry. It's one with which they've attempted to do a couple of things on top of impress attendees too: showcase their own gin (alongside desert limes to take it into Gimlet cocktail territory); and showcase Hop Products Australia hops due to their appearance on the Up and Comers Bar sponsored by the growers.

More than that, however, they've created a beer reminiscent of Ballast Point's classic Grapefruit Sculpin; sure, the means by which they've got there are different – heaps of orangey Eclipse hops alongside Citra, the aforementioned desert limes, and the heads from their Koroit Gin – yet it brings that US IPA to mind and then some.

If you tried their excellent Farm Fresh Hop IPA, this shares similarities, not least in the pleasantly sweet caramel malts offering the beer's fruitier flights of fancy plent of support. It's all topped off by a bold, vibrant and crystalline citrusy aroma and is well worth a look.

James Smith

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