Hepburn Springs Brewing Co Cold IPA

Cold IPA

When Nick Galik decided to test the recipes he'd been honing as a homebrewer on the wider world, he did so with a range of beers rarely seen pouring at Australia's craft brewpubs and beer bars. He's a fan of old world, traditional styles and that's what you'd find across the Hepburn Springs Brewing Co taps and in their fridges. But, as awareness of the tiny operation and the quality of their beers has grown, he's been playing with newer styles too, including this Cold IPA – one of three IPAs released over summer 2022 before earning a guernsey in the year-round lineup in autumn 2023.

His signature fluffy head entices you in to what's a more flagrantly fruity cold IPA than many of its ilk, with Galaxy, Centennial and Zappa bringing plenty of tropical vibes, complemented by a herbal underbelly that adds depth. There's a fruity sweetness presumably enhanced by the malt that lends the beer its golden colour, although the lean, tightly-wound bitter finish that's a characteristic of the style remains intact.

If you were nit-picking, you might argue the malt flavours are more prominent than in many cold IPAs, but why bother when what you have in your hand is a tasty IPA – whatever you choose to call it?

James Smith

Published April 8, 2023

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