Good Land Brewing Bananarama Pina Colada & Mischief

Smoothie Sour & Hazy IPA
5.5% & 6.2%

This might be a big giant L for a writer to say but sometimes, the written word just doesn’t do justice. Good Land Brewing’s Bananaram Pina Colada is a beer so thick and so filled with fruit that you simply must see it to believe it and seems to have required such fruit additions that you almost feel bad for whoever is keeping the books at the brewery. The GABS beer is a smoothie sour that was loaded with banana, coconut, lime, pineapple, lactose and vanilla with those fruits poured in to such a degree that the beer comes with instructions that it should be rolled before opening - and not because it's anything like a Coopers either. Each of those fruit flavours are so present and fresh, that they come across like you’ve just poured them into a blender yourself while a slight tang at the end cuts through the vanilla and lactose. And while this might just be a trick of the mind thanks to the consistency and all that fruit, I couldn’t help but feel like I needed to floss extra hard after thanks to the bits of fruit left behind long after I'd put the beer down. One thing is for certain though: your glass will need a good clean once you've finished it.

Then there’s Mischief which, despite the name, is far more of a straightforward offering. The hazy IPA thanks Citra and Sabro to create a beer that’s filled with mango, guava, coconut and dank resin. It’s particularly lush too with Good Land saying it’s a bit like a tropical vacation, seeming to forget about the alcoholic smoothie they brewed for GABS.

Will Ziebell

Published June 30, 2023

Good Land Brewing Co

12 Standing Drive
Traralgon East
VIC 3844

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Fri & Sat: midday to 9pm

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