Good Land Brewing Co

Welcome to Gippsland’s Good Land Brewing, the place where good beer comes from.

It’s a simple tagline and, while building a brewery in your hometown might seem like a worthy enough dream, the journey to get Good Land open was far from simple or straightforward. Instead, when Good Land finally opened their doors in Traralgon in 2021, it was the realisation of a decade-long journey for Jimmy Krekelberg and his family.

Go back to 2010 and you’ll find Jimmy working as a mechanical engineer with a love for brewing beer who, as that decade began, had started looking seriously into how he could switch careers and launch a brewery in his backyard. Rather than jumping straight into buying tanks and chasing his dream without any experience, he instead decided to build his knowledge and skills first, and did so by looking overseas.

In 2012, he left Australia for the UK and soon found work at Edinburgh’s Stewart Brewing. A few years later, Jimmy landed a job with the much-loved De Molen Brouwerij in the Netherlands.

Although the Netherlands is one heck of a trek from the Latrobe Valley, his eyes were always set on bringing it all back home so, in 2017, he and partner Layla Brock returned to Australia to make their brewery a reality.

As you might imagine when stainless, local councils and a global pandemic are all at play, that dream took a little longer to realise; Jimmy only started brewing the first Good Land beers at the midway point of 2021 (just as his home state was about to bounce in and out of more COVID lockdowns).

Located in an industrial pocket on the eastern end of Traralgon, the venue melds country hospitality with production capacity to create a local beer experience that’s akin to visiting a winery cellar door. In total there are ten taps dedicated to Good Land beers – plus the occasional guest spot for Gippsland’s other breweries and booze makers – while the taproom’s food offering is supplied by other local businesses who set up camp in the driveway.

Central to it all, of course, are the beers, with the core range made up of the all Aussie-hopped Golden Beach Pale Ale (named after a stunning section of Gippsland’s Ninety Mile Beach), the also Aussie-hopped Little Mate session XPA, and a German pilsner that bears the simple and appropriate name Good Lager. The 20-hectolitre brewhouse isn’t just devoted to that core lineup, however, with regular limited releases in cans and kegs also key to the Good Land offering.

It seems Jimmy’s long journey to open his own brewery taught him a fair bit too: also appearing amid the opening lineup was a DDH saison, a raspberry dessert ale and a 2.8 percent ABV “table bier”, showcasing a seamless blend between European inspiration and modern craft brewing. Or, to quote Jimmy at the time, he had a “recipe list about as long as ten arms.”

The Good Land journey might warrant the “long and winding road” trope more than most, yet when your beer travels take you to the Traralgon taproom, or sees Jimmy’s cans land in your fridge, it’s one that means there’s every likelihood you’ll find a beer just right for you. After all, you’re in a Good place.

Will Ziebell

Good Land Brewing Co

12 Standing Drive
Traralgon East
VIC 3844

Open Hours

Fri & Sat: midday to 9pm

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Good Land Brewing Co Regulars

Good Land Golden Beach Pale Ale

Golden Beach is a spectacular bit of coastline along Gippsland’s Ninety Mile Beach and it's not just a good spot for foreshore camping and soaking in the sun but for a bit of quiet contemplation too. A great deal of this comes down to the presence of the Trinculo wreck, a 19th century cargo ship that casts a rusted shadow over the sand. What did those stuck on the shore think of their new surrounds? How did they pass the time while waiting to be rescued? And, just as importantly, what kind of beer… Read more
Pale Ale

Good Land Brewing Good Lager

Beer awards might matter to many but ultimately, what makes a good beer tends to be in the eye of the beholder. Does it satisfy? Excite? Quench? All of the above at once? Then if it’s good to you, drink it down. But when you’re brewery’s called Good Lane and your core range lager is called a Good Lager, it makes it hard for anyone to say that beer isn’t a good one. Particularly when it’s so dialled-in and inspired by Germany’s finest lagers but contains Australia’s Enigma hops that… Read more

Good Land Brewing Little Mate

Mate is a powerful word in Australia. Not only can you comfortably use it in any given situation (particularly when you’ve forgotten someone’s name) but in the right context, it can mean the opposite of its intent. Saying mate through gritted teeth is showing someone you’re certainly not their mate and you wouldn’t mind it if they pulled their head in line a little bit. While adding “little” ahead of the word in question only has the potential to add in some condescension and used correctly,… Read more
Session XPA

Good Land Brewing Co Specials

Good Land Brewing Hauptbahnhof, Pastel Neon Sour & Something, Something, Citra, Citra

Tapped October 6, 2021
The people of Traralgon are obviously in good hands when it comes to choice, with Good Land Brewing showing a fondness for brewing across styles, releasing very modern, very traditional, very big and very sessionable beers since they opened their doors in July 2021. Their newest include Hauptbahnhof, an Oktoberfest-style Märzen inspired by Munich’s beer halls, with a name that is in turn inspired by the central train stations of Germany. With a golden orange colour, the lager provides a gentle… Read more
Märzen, Fruited Sour & IPA
5.6%, 4% & 7.2%

Good Land Brewing 100s & 1000s

Tapped August 27, 2021
The Good Land Brewing core range might be an accessible one, featuring a lager, pale ale and an XPA but the brewery’s limited releases can really head in any direction. In the case of the hazy IPA, 100s & 1000s, that direction is clearly one of hops. Using 20 grams per litre of beer, it's a beer dry-hopped with Citra Lupomaxc, Columbus and the new experimental American hop, HBC 630 all in the mix, while Eclipse was also thrown in at a lower temperature in the whirlpool to further push out big… Read more
Hazy IPA