Events International IPA Day at Beer DeLuxe

International IPA Day at Beer DeLuxe
12pm 4 Aug, 2011
Given it's the style of beer that's probably done more than any other to drive the current explosion of craft beer worldwide, it's only right that the IPA now has its own day, courtesy of a group of beer lovers in the States. It's come a long way from its early days as a highly hopped beer designed to survive the boat trip to the British Empire in India, now brewed in all manner of styles. Many will be on offer at [Beer DeLuxe](/beer/bar/beer-deluxe/) to mark International IPA Day. The tap lineup features: Bridge Road Single Hop Galaxy and Stella IPAs Mikkeller 10 and 1000IBU Brewdog Hardcore IPA Meantime IPA Mountain Goat Coffee IPA Mornington Peninsula IPA Drs Orders Pulse Hitachino Nest Classic Ale Murray's Retro Rocket and Icon 2IPA There will be more on offer in the bottle as well as special food matching for the day. Beer DeLuxe manager Siobhan says: "Don't forget to tweet the hashtag #ipaday to join in the fun with those interstate and internationally. @BeerDeLuxe will be following you all on Untappd and Twitter and is looking forward to seeing what you're drinking."
Fermentis GR-8 D
FB Propak B


Fermentis BR-8 C
FB Propak B
Goat Blood Orange
Grain and Grape