Ale Stars at The Local Taphouse St Kilda: Brew Launch

Tue 19 Mar 7:01pm

Ale Stars at The Local Taphouse St Kilda: Brew Launch
Australia's most popular monthly beer appreciation night, Ale Stars brings together beer lovers, quality beers, delicious bar food, guest speakers and prizes in what must be one of the most entertaining ways to learn about everyone's favourite drink. With a theme for each evening: sometimes a style of beer, sometimes a brewery showcase featuring the brewing team from that brewery ' Ale Stars often serves up beer never before seen on tap in Australia. **The March 2013 edition** is case in point as it sees the unveiling of the Ale Stars' very own beer. Back in February the St Kilda Ale Stars hopped on a bus and headed down to Mornington Peninsula Brewery to spend the day eating, drinking and generally cavorting around the brewery. They also managed to find time to help Mornington Peninsula's brewer 'AG' brew a beer - a Belgian IPA to be exact - and it will be this that gets tapped for the very first time. Served up alongside it will be the reciprocal beer brewed by the Darlinghurst chapter of the Ale Stars who undertook the same brewing excursion on the same day, except theirs was to the Hunter Brewing Co. Their trip was led by 'Doc' Robinson from Doctor's Orders and resulted in a Baltic Porter. Neatly rounding out the selection of beer on offer will be another one from each of Doc and AG, with the latter playing host at St. Kilda. Tickets for this exclusive are $40 and can be booked [here](

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