Festival of Monk 2015

Thu 9 Jul 12:00pm to 12 Jul

Festival of Monk 2015

The Monk Brewery and Kitchen has had a few changes of late, with the venue itself, the beer and the food menu getting something of an overhaul. And, if we're honest, it all sounds rather impressive.

The owners (both architects) have seen to the building, an experienced brewer in Craig Eulentstein is tinkering with the beer range, Gerard ‘Mitch’ Mitchell - arguably Australia's leading beer-focused chef (and Crafty's Beer & Food guru) - has been brought back to play in the kitchen and Matt Marinich, an experienced manager at several award-wining venues, is running the show.

If you want to see what this talented team are up to, they're holding the Festival of Monk in July which will undoubtedly show off the many sides of the business. Over four days of events you can experience everything from beer school, beer and food matching to firkin-tapping and an open brew day.

Details about each and links to tickets (where applicable) are below:

Beer Skool - Thursday 9th

The Monk's core beer range has been redesigned into four classic styles; Common, Reserved, Extra and Vintage. Hosted by Matt Marinich, the Beer Skool will take you through the beers, explaining why they're called what they're called and how that relates to how monasteries traditionally classify beers in order of strength, flavour and colour. Tasting notes will be provided for your reference. Tickets are $30 per person and bookings can be made here.

Beer & Food Dinner - Friday 10th

This epic feast will take you through six courses of food matched with six beers - the new core range plus seasonals. It's $95 per head and can be booked here.

Night Fest - Saturday 11th

From 6pm the venue will be throwing the doors open for an open evening of frivolity that will include a 12 hour cooked, beer marinated boar, the brewer's shout via mobile beer serving, the tapping of firkins and a DJ, stilt walkers and fire breathers.

Beer Day - Sunday 12th

From midday on Sunday there'll be an open brew day where you can get a glimpse into what it takes to make the Monk's beer. There'll be paella cooking on the terrace to keep you fed and $10 beer samples to keep you from getting thirsty.

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