Feral's Tusk Day 2015 II

Fri 13 Nov 12:00pm to 20 Nov

Feral's Tusk Day 2015 II

Twice a year, Feral Brewing looks to remind people of the value in drinking hoppy beers as fresh as possible.

They do this in a very cunning way: via the means of very hoppy beers delivered to your eager mouths as fresh as possible.

Tusk is one of their biggest beers, a 9.8 percent Imperial IPA first released way back in 2005 that, according to the Feral team, later "went into hibernation for close to six years, deemed a menace to society."

Since returning in 2013, it has been brewed, kegged and delivered refrigerated to venues around the country as fast as is physically possible with the instruction to the venues to tap it as soon as they get it.

The second and final Tusk release for 2015 – this time measuring a whopping 11.8 percent ABV (double imperial IPA?) – takes place in November with kegs rolling into the following venues:

November 13 – WA

November 16 – SA

November 18 – VIC

November 18 – Sydney

November 19 – Newcastle

November 19 – QLD

  • Mill on Constance

Feral also has a new Brewpub Series beer coming out: War Hog, another big, hoppy beast.

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