Ramjet Day at Boatrocker Barrel Room

Sat 9 Apr 6:00pm

Ramjet Day at Boatrocker Barrel Room

In beer geek circles, there have been few local beers that have caused as much of a stir in recent times as Boatrocker's Ramjet. 

The Starward whisky barrel-aged imperial stout blew away those lucky enough to try it when it was first brewed in 2013 and its reputation has only grown since.

Boatrocker has since upped the number of barrels in its armoury with which to age the beer so there's more to go around each year, last year added Roger Ramjet – the same beer aged in bourbon barrels, and has the biggest Ramjet yet almost ready for release.

Which brings us to the main purpose of this: to celebrate the launch of the new Ramjet – and all things Ramjetty – the brewery has announced the first Ramjet Day.

Yes, a day (well, evening) dedicated to all things Ramjet, inspired by similar events held around the launch of iconic beers in the States. And when we say all things Ramjet, we mean the likes of:

  • Vertical tasting of all Ramjet vintages, including last year's Roger Ramjet
  • Launch of the Ramjet 2016
  • Tasters of naked Ramjet (beer that hasn't been aged in barrels)
  • Tasters of barrel-aged but unblended Ramjet
  • Tasters of the Starward whisky that was made in the barrels before they were sent to Boatrocker
  • Ramjet-inspired food, including Ramjet crackers and aged Stilton and Ramjet Beeramisu

Brewery co-founder and head brewer Matt Houghton is promising to take everyone "through the journey of Ramjet, from grain to barrel to glass", while you'll get the chance to try making your own blend of Ramjet too.

Each attendee with get a bottle of Ramjet to take home, a Ramjet Day 2016 t-shirt and the chance to buy Ramjet before it goes on public sale (limit one case per person).

Tickets cost $150pp and must be booked in advance. Head here to book yours.

Anyone else have the urge to say: "Malkovich, Malkovich"?

Photo credit: Craft Everything

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