Events FogHorn/Fortitude Co-Lab Beer Dinner

FogHorn/Fortitude Co-Lab Beer Dinner
6:30pm 11 Mar, 2016

For several years, Shawn Sherlock and Ian Watson formed a formidable brewing partnership at Murray's Brewing in Port Stephens and were responsible for many beloved beers (not least of which was the world's first peated Belgio mussel and oyster imperial stout...). 

The partnership was broken when Ian headed up to Queensland to help found Fortitude Brewing/Noisy Minor and Shawn has since gone on to open the FogHorn Brewhouse in the Newcastle CBD. But, for a one-off Newcastle Craft Beer Week event, they're getting the band back together. 

On Friday March 11 at FogHorn, both brewers will be on hand to take guests through a range of beers from their respective breweries, as well as launch their first collaboration beers. 

In homage to the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle-esque naming convention, Sherlock and Watson have labelled this pair of Belgian-inspired IPAs – one pale, one dark – Elementary Ales. The first was brewed at FogHorn and the second at Fortitude with the idea that they could be enjoyed side by side, but also as a blend. 

The beers will be accompanied by finger food and mains and this will also be the first beer dinner under FogHorn's new head chef. 

Tickets are just $49, with places limited. Contact the brewpub on (02) 4929 4721 or just book a ticket online here.

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