Fresh as Phuck May at Bitter Phew

Mon 2 May 12:00pm to 31 May

Fresh as Phuck May at Bitter Phew

Love your beer fresh? Fresh as #$%^, perhaps?

Well, so does the crew at Bitter Phew, particularly when it comes to hoppy brews.

So, in May, they're planning to work closely with their local breweries to ensure a steady supply of "Brewery Fresh" beer (presumably not by installing one of CUB's copper tanks systems...) on tap for you.

The aim, they tell us, is to have beer "from brewery tank to tap in under 72 hours", beers that are "delicious, dank, hoppy, resinous".

They want all such beers gone in seven days or less so are challenging you to help them flip those #freshasphuck kegs as quick as possible – with a minimum of one on tap at all times in May.

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