Events Craft-Oberfest at Cutty Cellars ft Crafty Cabal Specials!

Craft-Oberfest at Cutty Cellars ft Crafty Cabal Specials!
2pm 8 Oct, 2016 to 7pm 8 Oct, 2016

After the roaring success of its Election Day Beer Fest, we've hooked up with Cutty Cellars once more for its Oktoberfest themed event.

Craft-Oberfest will see more than 15 local and German brewery's beers offered up for tasting, while the store is also putting on food trucks and live music.

It's a tasting token setup, with each sample costing $1. And we've got $500 of tasting tokens to give away to Crafty Pint supporters who've signed up to our beer lovers bonus scheme, The Crafty Cabal.

There are ten $20 packs on offer for existing Cabal members โ€“ head inside your member's area to enter the ballot now. 

And we've got five $60 packs for the next five new signups with a NSW postcode to share with their mates. We'll update this once those five have been snapped up.

Become a Crafty Pint supporter here

As for the event on October 8, you'll be able to sample beers from:

  • 4 Pines
  • Nomad Brewing
  • Stone
  • Shenanigans Brewing
  • Moo Brew
  • Mountain Goat
  • Rocks Brewing
  • Two Birds Brewing
  • Sydney Brewery
  • Batch Brewing Company
  • Erdinger
  • Schofferhoffer
  • Lowenbrau
  • Paulaner
  • Hacker-Pschorr
  • Spaten-Franziskaner-Brรคu
  • Baltika Beer Australia

Food comes from Berlin Bangers and Griffin Jerky and tunes from Billy Demos.

You can buy your tokens in advance via Cutty's Crafty Club or grab them in store on the day.

Avng WIPA- D
FB Propak B


Avng WIPA- C
FB Propak B
Mountain Goat
Holgate Mt Macedon Cans- G
Cryer Malt 2020 4
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