Mayday Hills Launch at The Wheaty (SA)

Fri 14 Oct 4:00pm

Mayday Hills Launch at The Wheaty (SA)

Some time ago, Bridge Road Brewers in Beechworth took delivery of a wooden foeder, a traditional fermentation vessel that is used most famously by the peerless farmhouse brewers of Belgium. Fast forward to the present day and the first beer to come from said foeder is ready to be released. 

It’s doing so under the name ‘Mayday Hills’ and the South Australia launch is being held at The Wheaty amidst the fun of the Australian National Homebrewing Conference. 

The beer itself is called ‘Yee-Hah!’ and it’s a 100 percent Brettanomyces fermented pale ale. In other words, not a local style of beer you’re likely to have seen much of before. Alongside that, they’ll be tapping their last remaining keg of the B2 Bomber Mach 6.0. 

The keg is tapped at 4pm, so don't be late! 

Read about the Mayday Hills concept here.

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