Temple OneTime Launch 2016 (VIC)

Fri 28 Oct 5:00pm

Temple OneTime Launch 2016 (VIC)

NB: We were initially told this event was on Friday. It is on Saturday as now stated.

After their Anytime pale ale picked up the trophy for Best International Pale Ale at the 2015 Australian International Beer Awards, the brewers at Temple wondered what else they might do with the beer. They decided to go bigger, and the OneTime double IPA was born. 

It’s very much in line with the ‘fresh is best’ line of thinking where they brew the beer just beer once a year, make a bit of a song and dance about it and encourage you to come and try it when it’s as fresh and hoppy as you can possibly get. 

This year’s release is in the tank, has apparently been dry-hopped to the eye balls and will be ready to pour at the Brunswick East brewery on Friday October 28. To celebrate, the first keg will be pouring for free so there’s no real excuse not to pop along and have a taste. 

If you really can't make it, there’s good news on the horizon: following the keg launch the OneTime will be available in bottles in limited amounts. 

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