Waitangi Weekend at The Terminus with Garage Project (VIC)

Sat 4 Feb 12:00pm to 6 Feb

Waitangi Weekend at The Terminus with Garage Project (VIC)

New Zealand’s national day, Waitangi Day, doesn't quite reach the levels of flag waving patriotism as its Australian counterpart but it’s still a perfectly lovely excuse to show a bit of pride in kiwi things and enjoy a local beer or three. Or nine, if you plan on being at The Terminus’ Waitangi Day event. 

It will see nine of the following beers from Wellington’s universally beloved Garage Project being tapped in the craft bar: 

  • Pernicious Weed
  • White Mischief
  • Dirty Boots
  • Death From Above
  • Thrills n' Pils 
  • Biere de Garage
  • Garagista
  • Hapi Daze
  • Summer Sommer

There’ll also be a wider selection of kiwi beers in our fridges [hint: see the Cabal offer below…], kiwi inspired cocktails and kiwi food specials all weekend.

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