Shenanigans Beer Dinner at The Empire Hotel (NSW)

Thu 9 Feb 7:00pm

Shenanigans Beer Dinner at The Empire Hotel (NSW)

With the nature of Shenanigans’ limited release schedule, it’s rare to find more than two of their beers out and about at the same time. In fact, unless its a very special occasion it pretty much doesn't happen. It’s an easy conclusion to make, then, that this is a special occasion. 

For its first Brewer’s Table dinner of 2017, The Empire Hotel will be featuring six of the much-loved Sydney brewer’s beers over a five course dinner. 

Sam & Dan Shenanigan will be on hand to guide you through the beers, talk about gypsy brewing, pushing the boundaries of how much chilli / hibiscus / fruit can be added to a beer and most likely deflecting your questions about when their beer might be released in cans or whether they’ll ever open their own brewery. 

Along the way you'll be treated to the following:

  • Pale Ale on arrival 
  • Winston and Sriracha chicken spring roll
  • Red Sky and jasmine smoked salmon with citrus and watercress 
  • Malt Assault and beer-braised brisket slider with horseradish mayo 
  • Gone Troppo and crispy pork belly with ginger, chilli and mango
  • Death by Hibiscus and flourless chocolate cake with mandarin sorbet

It’s happening on February 9 with the first course at 7pm and it’s bound to be one flavourful evening. Tickets are just $60 and can be booked here

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